Cycling is good for the elderly.

Sara Di Blasi
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Five reasons why the elderly should cycle

Riding a bike is fun, allows freedom of movement, is eco-friendly and good for your health whatever your age. The physical activity involved in cycling has numerous benefits for the body, helping to keep it fit and healthy when practiced regularly and in moderation.

Cycling helps you to stay young:

It aids circulation

It increases lung capacity

It helps your heart to function healthily

It decreases blood pressure

It helps you lose weight

It tones your muscles, especially those in the lower body, which above all others must be kept strong in later years to allow for comfortable movement and safe balance

The bicycle is therefore a source of wellbeing – not only physical, but also psychological, thanks to the body’s release of endorphins (the important wellbeing hormones) during exercise, improving your mood and filling you with a sense of pleasant relaxation.

In short, riding a bike really is a cure-all for both the young and old. But at what age does cycling start to become problematic?

In this case, a person’s general state of health is much more important than simply their years of age. At a certain age, your health can be affected by certain limitations to your movement, sense of balance, muscular strength and resistance to physical strain.

When these issues arise, many feel forced to give up the joy of cycling and the sense of freedom and independence that comes with it. But such a sacrifice can be avoided, simply by choosing a cycle that has been designed specially for the elderly and those with mobility issues.

DI BLASI’s R32 and R34 tricycles have been designed specifically for adults and the elderly who do not feel confident on only two wheels. Even those who no longer have the stability they used to can enjoy the freedom and independence of cycling thanks to the exclusively-designed frame.

The electric tricycle for adults (model R34) in particular provides the same health benefits for the body as the more traditional pedal model. An electric tricycle, just like an electric bicycle, offers the advantage of allowing users to choose the level of effort so as not to have to exert themselves excessively, especially when going uphill.

The electric tricyle instead offers a more controlled type of effort, which is less intense but equally as healthy, helping you to ride more steadily.

With the R34 electric pedal tricycle, the engine’s help is most felt in moments which tend to be more strenuous, such as restarting at a traffic light or going uphill. The feeling is much like that of having a favourable wind helping you along at all times.

These advantages are combined with the convenience of having a foldable tricycle so that it can be easily used when far from home, an essential prerogative if you want to take full advantage of your three-wheeled vehicle. Very easy to fold and unfold, DI BLASI’s tricycle for adults can be reduced to the size of a small suitcase in just three seconds, without needing to screw or unscrew anything.

DI BLASI’s models combine the innumerable advantages of bicycles with the practicality of a foldable, safe and eco-friendly vehicle that can be easily transported in the boot of your car or on public transport.

Cycling is good for the elderly.

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